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damsel in dior
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damsel in dior

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Moët x Mulsanne
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Don Jon
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Don Jon

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Jul 14, 2014

People are always gonna tell you what you wanna hear.
Don’t fuckin listen.

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The Grand Budapest Hotel screenshots - cinematography by Robert D. Yeoman - 2013

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new york. june, 2014.

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One of the cutest things happened the other day.
We went to a park in LA (which is now one of my favorite parks btw). I like to refer to it as the “Central Park of LA” because of how it mirrors Central Park in NY. Anyways, we went to sit down at a bench atop a little mound of grass overlooking the city. There’s two benches though, back to back. An older, Hispanic couple was sitting on the bench facing the park, leaving the one facing the city, free. We sat on that bench in hopes of eventually making the older couple feel awkward enough to leave and therefore, have that spot all to ourselves and to take a sweet photo. Well…that didn’t happen.
Instead, something better happened.
Something I will cherish forever. It made a wonderful memory. So this is what happened: time was ticking, we had to start heading home soon, and the couple hadn’t left yet. We got impatient. So we took the opportunity to just ask them to take a photo of us. It turned into this epic photoshoot with a ton of complications because our photographers were at their peak of age. I observed in admiration how you approached the elderly man. So polite, introducing yourself, shaking his hand, helping him with the camera; just the way you were communicating with him in general. I fell in love with that moment. To me, it was amazing. Something so real. I guess it was because in that moment, I saw a vision of us in the future and I fell in love with that warm thought. I can tell the older couple was immediately growing on to you because of your charm. After a failed five times of the old man trying to take the photo the way I wanted it—from not taking the picture at all when he thought he had taken one, to taking a picture of floor, to taking a blurry picture, to taking a picture of us without the city in the background, to getting his finger in the way of the shot like three times haha I’m already laughing just by writing and reminiscing on this—he finally got it. This is why I considered it epic. It was just too clumsy..and too cute. I mean, an old man trying to take an Instagram-material picture for two random teenagers while his wife unproductively tried interfering with her suggestions. It was just all too perfect. We were there thanking them and chatting for a bit. They asked us to take a picture of them with my phone. By this time, we were all so lost, especially them. You can tell by their age that their memory and way of logic were a bit impaired. Long story short, there was no way for them to get that picture in their own hands so it was just our picture that we left with. We shook their hands again. Francisco and Maria Elena. Those were their names. They were so cute. They were so loving…and innocent in a unique sense. That “elderly innocence,” ya know? Maria Elena said that she would remember us. I hope the next time that we go to that park for our little picnic, that we run into them again. I could feel that they had that same hope in them as well. I mean… we did leave that up in the air. From that moment on, I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I guess from that experience with you, it dawned on me, “THIS is the guy that I wanna spend the rest of my life with.” That maybe just one day, we’ll be like them. All wrinkles but still in love.

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All Night Prom at Disneyland, 1961 - Photographed by Ralph Crane.


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